tisane.main.infer_statistical_model_from_design(design, jupyter=False)

Infer a stats model from design and launch the Tisane GUI.

The Tisane GUI will walk you through making additional choices for your statistical model, all inferred from your original design. After selecting any additional variables as well as a family and link functions, the Tisane GUI will generate code.

  • design (Design) – The study design to infer a statistical model from

  • jupyter (bool, default=False) – Whether to run the GUI in a plain server or as the output of a jupyter notebook cell.


>>> import tisane as ts
>>> participant = ts.Unit("participant", cardinality=20)
>>> input_device = ts.Unit("input_device", cardinality=2) # The two within-subjects conditions
>>> reaction_time = participant.numeric("reaction_time", number_of_instances=input_device)
>>> design = ts.Design(dv=reaction_time, ivs=[reaction_time])
>>> ts.infer_statistical_model_from_design(design)

If you want to run the GUI inside of a jupyter notebook, you use:

>>> ts.infer_statistical_model_from_design(design, jupyter=True)